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Trailer for Boat


The load bearing is not the most important aspect of a trailer boat. As an example, the above shown trailer, has only one axle and is capable of carrying not more than 650 kg, in spite of its size. The advantages of modern trailer boats are their variety to fit a large range of boats, and their protection against corrosion.

How it works

When loading the boat trailer, it is often plunged into the water. It might be salty water, in this case, the protection against corrosion is especially important. The boat trailer should be produced with relatively low costs, because it is often added as a free gift while buying the boat. Aluminum might be too expensive. Galvanized iron is an alternative, but the holes should not be bored afterwards. To keep the boat trailer variable, hack screws are being used, like with the above trailer. Everything is removable, except for the construction holding the axle.
The drawbar with support wheel might be lengthened, the windlass with support for the front of the boat is optional, and the (red) set of rollers might be expanded as necessary. With little effort, it is possible to change the position of the axle in relation to the boat. This might improve the generally important weight for the nose of the trailer at the coupling head.

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