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Save Fuel 10 - Solar Car

Battery with regenerative energy

If the weather allows it, the Solar-mobile fulfills old dreams of driving exclusively on regenerative (renewable) energy, in principle, even without losses. There are additional batteries aboard, though, not just for the cases when clouds move in front of the sun. But they may just be charged with current generated from the same form of energy. This can also be current out of the wall socket. But, the current from customary power stations causes not only emissions; it is also produced so uneconomically that the efficiency would be all together worse than with a diesel engine. Unfortunately, this is often the case with customary electric vehicles.

100 km/h endurance, 160 km/h maximum speed

However, the solar cells that are visible in the picture are not sufficient for the unlimited operation of the vehicle also when the sun is shining brightly. You may consider that they are capable of average speeds of nearly 100 km/h (2006) and substantially higher maximum speeds. If you install 2 x 5 metres (10 m²) of solar cells at your home, it would be sufficient for the annual need of a normal passenger car (approx. 15,000 km). Indeed, light two-seaters would have to be designed for this, and so far they are not safe enough in terms of accident security.

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