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History of Hybrid-electro Drives

Although Ferdinand Porsche never officially completed his engineers degree, his reputation as one of the pioneers of motor-technology is nevertheless valid. Somewhat less well known, are his activities in the area of electro-mobiles. Among other things, eg., is the fact that during his second term of employment at the Löhner-Works in Austria-Hungary in 1902, he invented the first hybrid-drive.

Nowadays it is called 'serial', because in this case, it is not directly connected to the driven wheels. It is driven rather by a generator, which again, drives the electric wheel-hub motors (see figure 2). These, by the way, are protected by a patent from as far back as 1900. At one of the the repeated Paris World Exhibitions (1900) an electro-driven vehicle was very successfully presented.

By the way, electro-operated vehicles were, at that time, superior to those with combustion engines. Even the speed record in the year 1900 at well over 100 kmh, was slightly higher than that of vehicles driven by combustion engines.

At the time of his change to Austro-Daimler the huge development expenses had to be written off. One places the development costs at at least 1 million Gold-Crowns, which was very difficult to compensate through the sales of vehicles. The Löhner-Works however, committed themselves more successfully, and today they are owned by the Canadian Bombadier-Group of companys. 03/10               Top of page               Index
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