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The Chinese company Geely, had the task of straightening out something, which perhaps, could only be radically changed. This is just about the last motor car manufacturing plant in Coventry, in the center of England, where once, 10 or more manufacturers were busy producing cars. Many famous companies did their (partial-) on-site fabrication here, indeed, this is all long gone now. This was exactly the fate that the London Taxi Company should be spared.

If the Geely company weren't so involved with Volvo at the moment, one would have to fear for the future of the company. This is another British institution, where a monopoly, in this case, through absurd authority standards, has not been protected but has had it's development paralyzed. This is also the case with the London taxis, which in the meantime, and much belated, now have very serious competition.

The production was suspended for about a year, until Geely stepped in and started having the shells produced in China. Their shape was to be preserved, only the platform with the traditional chassis and the old fashioned drive-train would have to make place for more modern constructions. At the moment, Volvo boasts that they can offer the first standard production Diesel-hybrid engine. Fitted with this power unit, the London taxi would leap out of the automobile middle-ages and into the modern world. 09/13               Top of page               Index
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