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Exhibition effort

It could be called madness: The presentation of the seventh edition of the VW-Golf, a classic, and to be more precise, a reference model. Perhaps the rare situation justifies the amount of effort. In addition, what we're dealing with here, is also the most often built car in the world. No, this presentation was not in Wolfsburg (the home of VW) and also not in Frakfurt, but in Paris.

Now you can take a guess, how many weeks it took VW to plan their stand at the Paris motor show. Your estimate will probably be too low, you'll find the answers below (1*). Also have a go at how many designers/architects were responsible for the project (8*). We've put the numbers in the wrong order, just to make it a bit more of a challenge.

It would be no fun to check the numbers at this point because then you would probably double or triple your spontaneous estimates. How many meters of electric cables were laid (3*), and how many truck-loads did it take to get everything to Paris (7*)?

Now it gets a little more difficult, try to guess the size of the stand, in square meters (9*). If you were now told that it's length is approx. two and a half times it's width, you could even work out the length (5*) and the width (10 *). It shouldn't be too difficult to guess how many days it took to build it up in Paris (4*).

Ok, now one also needs a staff. How many cooks were hired for this project (11*)? How many hosts/hostesses were needed (6*)? If you've already had a look, then the question of how many people were on the catering staff, is really simple. Hang on, here's one more: How many tons of steel do you think, were used for the construction (2*)?

1*) thirty six, 2*) one hundred and thirty, 3*) one hundred thousand, 4*) sixteen, 5*) eighty four and a half, 6*) one hundred and eighty, 7*) one hundred and twenty five, 8*) seven, 9*) two thousand seven hundred and sixty three, 10*) thirty two and a half, 11*) nine.

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