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Driving 7 - Misbehaviour

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Somehow runs something wrong. It is the work of engineers compared to the pleasure of the users. Is this proportion still within the tolerance range? Anyway, there is in any case the problem to realise the responsibility when one quickly jumps into a car and drives off.

Not a minute of reflection is remained. Even a Diesel starts up almost always without noticeable delay. You have to unlock the door no longer cumbersome. Instead of ignition lock a simple push-button. In an electric car it is enough sometimes just to step on the gas. A moment ago a newspaper reading at the coffee table, now responsible for 1 up to 2 tons mobile mass.

Can that come to a satisfactory end? Do we still notice at all the difference between fun and seriousness? Nothing of virtual. A little carelessness and the expensive vehicle has a real damage, still mildly, if no people are affected. And what happens when careless motorists encounter just such pedestrians?

Clear loses the pedestrian, but may leave us cold this development? The manufacturers of automobiles feel the duty to integrate still more networked entertainment in the cars. But should not car driving remain primarily locomotion, faster than it is otherwise possible for the people. With ever-shrinking areas of glass (except to the sky), something like a private room arises.

Much need for privacy, often underlined by darkened rear section. Nothing against sunglasses, except maybe in certain traffic situations. The driving has become so self-evident. Nearly like the use of the escalator. But there you can only injure yourself in most cases. Peculiarly also, the trend to the SUV. It gives people a sense of safety, but this is true only for themselves.

Granted, there is no other way than to raise waistlines slightly, to make pillars stronger, to upholster and clog the interior in all directions. Indeed, the round shape with flat windshield is more aerodynamic, which in turn benefits the environment. It is nonsense, the manufacturer imputable the responsibility for poor visibility. Finally, you have viewed the vehicle before you bought it.

If the industry relies repeatedly on consumer behaviour case of innovations, then we are actually asked. One will finally not forced to infotainment in the car. There are model variants without an overloaded steering wheel and still rather clearly and nevertheless safe cars at rollover.

Can it be that some want too much in this world at once, while the enjoyment falls by the wayside? Take a lesson from the Ferrari driver, who again drives on the country road after an exhausting working day in the evening, without radio, listening only to the engine sound. Priced significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly options, you can kindly reflect by yourself. 09/15

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