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Car Purchase 11 - Advertising 2015

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Surely you already know the tricks with the colour of new cars. A so-called base price is specified, but the applies partly only for one colour. Yet some time ago white was considered to be ugly, so one took the. This has become more difficult, since white is significantly more up-to-date. But it remains a fact that the basic price is usually already exceeded the first click on the configurator.

The fact that a transfer fee is due, is entirely uncommon at other products. Imagine, for furniture would be payable an additional fee for the distance of the furniture store by the manufacturer. Now one has think up a new trick at Fiat. Currently, there's the Panda for 6,990 euros and the Punto for 7,990 euros.

At there are no further explanations except an asterisk. If you look at the price lists, the cheapest Panda costs 10,000 euros and the Punto around 12,000 euros. Where you get a four-metres car with air conditioning for 8,000 euros nowadays, even distinctly below the price of a suitably equipped Dacia Sandero?

As always it is good to read the small print. Namely, there is written 'Yes, when financing by the FCA Bank.**' and leads over the two asterisks to a wordy explanation of financing. Logically, because the car you definitely can not buy by paying 8,000 euros in cash. You must accept the financing. But how can it be that financing is cheaper than cash payment?

Opportunity for the Bank to sell even an insurance

It's not, because if you would pay cash down the official price list less trade discount would be due. The trick is that you do not count the substantial interest of just under 6 percent on 4 years. One indicates only the basic price. Basically, the manufacturer's local bank compels you to deposit money there via this deal to a currently inflated interest rate and bedazzle with a seemingly low base price. 08/15

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