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Driving 12 - Towing

The picture above shows the danger of the situation. When braking, it becomes difficult. What are the consequences if the towing vehicle is braking better than the towed, you can easily imagine. So it is good that the maximum speed when towing in Germany is legally limited to 50 km/h.

In the second vehicle yet the response time has to be added. If, quite good, one second is astimated, it has been still 14 meters driving on. So may be 50 km/h still too much. Anyway towing is allowed only to the next workshop. On the highway you have to take is definitely the next exit.

And the hazard warning lights must be turned on and the vehicle must have a number plate. If for the last trip of a car to the scrap yard it must have a red number. Difficult to be towed at a total loss of electrical functions. Either a replacement system with flashing lights tinker or a borrowed taillight bar is needed. For this purpose, however, the tractor needs the socket of a trailer coupling.

Towing wby rod is generally perceived to be the most favorable solution. But you should never depend on, for example, always tidy with braking. For some, a little undersized rods can buckle and then under unfavorable circumstances the need is great. However, you need not always have a look to the tightness of the rope even before the next start.

The 'driver' in the towed vehicle indeed must be at least 15 years old. He/she needs no driver's license. When the hazard warning signal is on, a direction indication by hand/arm is difficult, especially when turning right. A difficult question seems to be, where to mount the rope. In any case, have a look into the operating instructions.

Caution: vehicles with automatic transmission: max. 50 km

There are the vehicles familiar to us to be towed, older ones or special brands. But on the horizon there seems to appears a new clientele for this dubious pleasure: electric cars. It is highly likely that their operators misjudge the situation and need help at the roadside. Vehicles with a combustion engine may not be towed because of lack of fuel, E-Mobile probably always. How to transport a canister household electricity?

Such operators should necessarily belong to an automobile club, may be having then a special insurance policy for electric cars. For towing should be done after an intense look in the manual. Possibly their drives produce energy during towing, may be enough energy for a veritable vehicle fire. 06/12

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