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Video Mixture Preparation
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Video Adjust. Intake Manif. 1
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Video Intake Air System
Video Cylinder deactivation 1
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Video Petrol
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Video Lambda Sensor
Video Lambda s. voltage meas.
Video Lambda sensor Diesel
Video Thermo Time Switch
Video Side channel pump
Video Peripheral pump
Video Diaphragm pump
Video Roller Vane Pump
Video Carburetor
Video Oil-bath Air Filter
Video Unreg. Intake Air

Video Fuel 1
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Intake Manifold (adjustable)


The v-six engine meets the space requirements of the variable system ideally, because it presents sufficient space between the two cylinder-banks. In the foreground, at the bottom, one can see the throttle-valve (butterfly-valve) and its servo-motor. Next to it, on the right, the main parts of the exhaust gas recirculation can even be seen. In the completely cylinder-shaped part, a drum in the middle can be turned in such a way, that the air intake path can be infinitely shortened or lengthened, to be of use for torque and performance.               Top of page               Index
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