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Wheel change
Save Energy

Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

Axle Drive
Rear Axle Drive
FWD (classic)
Front Axle Drive
Ring and Pinion
Hypoid Gearbox 1
Hypoid Gearbox 2
Locking Differential 1
Locking Differential 2
Locking Differential 3
Self locking 1
Self locking 2
FWD (cross) 1
FWD (cross) 2
FWD (cross) 3
FWD (longitudinal) 1
FWD (longitudinal) 2
RWD (front engine) 1
RWD (front engine) 2
RWD (front engine) 3
RWD (rear engine)
Mid-mounted Engine
Transaxle Drive
Planetary Power Axle
Smart Drive (f. view)
Smart Drive (s. view)
Powertrain Position
Bus with Low Floor
Tractive Power
All-wheel Drive
All-wheel History 1
All-wheel History 2
All-wheel History 3
All-wheel History 4
All-wheel History 5
All-wheel History 6
All-wheel Automatic
All-wheel Longitudinal 1
All-wheel Longitudinal 2
All-wheel Longitudinal 3
All-wheel Transverse 1
All-wheel Transverse 2
All-wheel Rear Engine
Ferrari FF
Bosch Hydro Drive
Locking Differential
Viscous Clutch
Torsen-differential 1
Torsen-differential 2
Electr. Differential Lock
Distrib. gearing 1
Distrib. gearing 2
Distrib. gearing 3
Distrib. gearing 4
Propeller Shafts 1
Propeller Shafts 2
Cardan Shaft
Cardan Joint
Constant Velocity Joint
Universal Joint
Universal joint (working)
Ball Joint
Dry Joint 1
Dry Joint 2
Driving Chain

Piston force

Axle drive 1
Axle drive 2
Axle drive 3


Smart Engine (side- view)



The sturdy frame above the Smart power-train assembly is formed by an aluminium profile, below it is the exhaust system. Apparently, this is designated as a crumple-zone. Therefore, a different material and the - albeit small- free area to the engine. An air-hose on the left leads from the air-filter box to the turbo-charger mounted on the engine. Mounted directly behind the exhaust-gas turbo-charger is the Lambda sensor. 04/10