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Wheel change
Save Energy

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Axle Drive
Rear Axle Drive
FWD (classic)
Front Axle Drive
Ring and Pinion
Hypoid Gearbox 1
Hypoid Gearbox 2
Locking Differential 1
Locking Differential 2
Locking Differential 3
Self locking 1
Self locking 2
FWD (cross) 1
FWD (cross) 2
FWD (cross) 3
FWD (longitudinal) 1
FWD (longitudinal) 2
RWD (front engine) 1
RWD (front engine) 2
RWD (front engine) 3
RWD (rear engine)
Mid-mounted Engine
Transaxle Drive
Planetary Power Axle
Smart Drive (f. view)
Smart Drive (s. view)
Powertrain Position
Bus with Low Floor
Tractive Power
All-wheel Drive
All-wheel History 1
All-wheel History 2
All-wheel History 3
All-wheel History 4
All-wheel History 5
All-wheel History 6
All-wheel Automatic
All-wheel Longitudinal 1
All-wheel Longitudinal 2
All-wheel Longitudinal 3
All-wheel Transverse 1
All-wheel Transverse 2
All-wheel Rear Engine
Ferrari FF
Bosch Hydro Drive
Locking Differential
Viscous Clutch
Torsen-differential 1
Torsen-differential 2
Electr. Differential Lock
Distrib. gearing 1
Distrib. gearing 2
Distrib. gearing 3
Distrib. gearing 4
Propeller Shafts 1
Propeller Shafts 2
Cardan Shaft
Cardan Joint
Constant Velocity Joint
Universal Joint
Universal joint (working)
Ball Joint
Dry Joint 1
Dry Joint 2
Driving Chain

Piston force

Axle drive 1
Axle drive 2
Axle drive 3


Smart Drive (front view)



The complete drive of a Smart is visible in this view. The engine is lying almost flat to the right in the engine compartment, comparable to a vehicle with front-wheel drive and transverse engine.The starter with solenoid is arranged at the transit between engine and transmission. The electrical motors above the transmission are part of the automatic gearbox. Above, there is the cooler and to the left of the engine the alternator and super charger, driven via belts.The stable upper frame forms the suspension for the wheel guidance. Clearly visible is also the stabilizer.