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Suspension (rear-wheel drive)


Actually this is a five-guide-rod-axle. However, the upper wishbone substitutes for two of them. In this form it could almost be installed on the front axle as well. Its somewhat strange design comes from the (not shown) spring with the shock absorber, around which it must be guided. These connect the car body with the black spring guide below. Also the drive shaft does not hamper their function. The springs and the shock absorbers are directly connected to the car body, whereas the rest of the suspension is carried by a sub-frame. This is good as far as comfort is concerned and it also reduces the noise induced by the chassis.

Apart from that, there is also the trailing arm, which takes up the enormous torque- and brake momentum and the small adjustable wishbone which, depending on the spring compression, creates a certain inclination angle. The rest, with floating calliper brake, rear axle drive und universal joint does not substantially differ from other upper-class rear-wheel drives.

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