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100 percent locking

This component is now, at long last, being placed where it has, for decades belonged, in the rear axle of a truck! Perhaps it's to be used in a construction-site vehicle, definitely not in a freighter in long-haul highway service, because, when cornering on surfaces with a good grip, 100 % differential lock may not be engaged. On the other hand it is extremely useful when bogged in, with one of the double wheels spinning hopelessly.

The figure on top shows the rear axle with the cardan shaft coming from the right of the gearbox. Above that we also see the cut-open Tristop-brake cylinder of the left side axle which is, however, insignificant for the subject treated here. The oil supply for the bearings of the bevel wheel and the enormous crown wheel with its respective housing, can be easily seen here. A further cut shows the differential pinion and the right axle shaft wheel.

The differential gear-cage opens to the right side in a wheel with a number of cleats. Don't be confused by the somewhat larger, bluish tinted nut which fixes the bearing. This also has cleats, but only to enable the use of suitable tools. No, what is meant is the slightly smaller wheel, which faces the sliding clutch. This is solidly connected with the right axle drive shaft and is shifted by the shifting fork with suitable bearings in running direction, to the left. The differential gear is now 100% locked. 03/08               Top of page               Index
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