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  Front Axle Drive

Converting a 4x2 to a 4x4 and a 6x6

Shown here is a picture of the front axle final drive from the Oberaigner company, which in 2014, for the sum of around 15.000 incl. VAT, would convert the Mercedes Sprinter into an all-wheel drive vehicle. One can also buy the Sprinter ex works like this, then the conversion costs only 10.800 incl. VAT, much more reasonable

Much more height is needed when converting.

What is important for such a conversion, is the amount that the bodywork has to be raised. In the case of a new vehicle, it's 6 centimetres, just manageable, without having to add on any trim-panels, e.g., around the wheel-housings. Here it is important that the engine and the front axle final drive do not come into contact with one another.

The crown-wheel determines the height of the axle drive.

The one shown in the above picture e.g., does not have a large crown-wheel. The interesting point here is, is that the drive shaft to the front, runs a much higher speed than the one to the rear. That saves on material, because accordingly, less torque has to be transferred. Nevertheless, the ratio on the two bevel-wheels is not 1.

Oscillation compensation through rubber-mounting the planet gear.

The differential gear is not found here, but rather installed as a planetary gearbox (No. 3). Accordingly, it can be locked hydraulically (No. 4). You can see the jaws in No. 5. The only question that remains is, what is the planetary gearbox (No. 2) there for? It supports the full front drive-train to the outside by means of two rubber mountings and should dampen it's oscillations. 09/14               Top of page               Index
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