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Locking Differential (blocker bars)


As we have already electronic controlled and/or electric operated locking differentials mechanical ones seam to be no longer attractive. But among the mechanical differentials the here described was relatively wear- free and ensured thereby its locking action during the entire life.

How it works

Except for ring and pinion no other gear wheel exists in the final drive. The torque is transferred by the crown wheel to a housing (light red) with blocker bars (red). Inside (green) and outside (blue) they have contact to cam discs, which each are connected with a drive wheel. Travelling straight ahead the slide rings maintain their position in the housing, everything rotating with the same number of revolutions. Driving along curves the slide rings adjust the different movement of their internal and outside friction partners by additional radial movements. However if the difference in rpm becomes too large, they wedge and provide for the necessary locking action.

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