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  Particle filter (cleaning)

The above shown system shows how a problem, that is becoming an increasing source of concern for owners of cars with modern Diesel engines, can be solved. Although these engines are thrifty, there is the risk of hidden expenses. Just as a matter of interest, the replacement of four injectors can easily add up to 2.800, not including the workshop costs.

In this case however, we'll be dealing with the particle filter. The time will come, when despite the system having made several attempts to regenerate, the pressure difference cannot be decisively reduced. The filter is simply clogged up, not with soot or particles, but with ash.

The new low-ash engine oils do not help much, at some point a repair is due. Of course, there are statements promising 100.000 to 200.000 km intervals, and with trucks it's probably a lot more. Indeed, these statements are a very rough estimate, since the build-up of ash depends on, among other things, the way the vehicle has been operated.

Problems always threaten then, when driving such short distances that the temperature reached in the exhaust gas tract is too low, e.g., for a complete regeneration. The main reason why taxi drivers in the past drove Diesel-powered cars, because of the lower wear and tear caused by cold starting, is no longer valid. With a particle filter, the Diesel engine suffers more harm than the petrol engine does.

The particle filter should definitely be removed, indeed, workshop attempts to achieve success through a sort of long term regeneration should be avoided. The replacement of the particle filter, to avoid the cost incurred by the above described method, which would be twice as expensive or even more, is of course possible. Systems with an additive tank, like e.g., those from The PSA company, have the advantage of a more reasonable replacement ex works.

When cleaning, a replacement of filters, even without an additive-system, can also take place, thereby 80% or more of the costs can be saved. When choosing the right procedure, experience is required and the repeated comparing of the weight, to see if the cleaning has been successful. As one can imagine, there are a number of black sheep in the business, who would not take into consideration, that the particle filter could even be irreparably damaged.

What however, are the above shown systems all about? At Puritech, they're not at all keen on excessive burning, which by the way, can also damage the basic substance, they place their trust more in the compressed-air method. Indeed, not simply high pressure from both sides, they rather emphasize the precision of the air-jet and in addition, they implement impulse technology.

One thing is certain, one must remove all the ash, right down to the bottom of the canal, which is closed on one side. They maintain, in this case, that even compressed ash is removed. Added to this, is that when employing the above shown system in the workshop, the removal of the filter can be done in one hour at the most. Apparently the filter is almost as good as new afterwards. 11/14               Top of page               Index
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