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Wheel change
Save Energy

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Exhaust System 1
Exhaust System 2
Exhaust System 3
Exhaust System 4

Lambda Sensor 1
Lambda Sensor 2
Lambda Sensor 3
Lambda Sensor 4
Lambda Sensor 5

Homologation testing
CO2 Calculation
Emission Test 1
Emission Test 2
Exhaust Gas

Recirculation 1
Recirculation 2
Recirculation 3

Secondary-air System
Active Carbon Filter
Exhaust Pipe - Ferrari
Catalytic Converter 1
Catalytic Converter 2
Metal Catalyst

Particulate Filter 1
Particulate Filter 2
Particulate Filter 3
Particulate Filter 4
Particulate Filter 5
SCR Catalyst 1
SCR Catalyst 2
Storage catalyser

Exhaust System 1
Exhaust System 2
Exhaust System 3
Exhaust System 4
Exhaust System 5
Exhaust System 6
Exhaust System 7
Exhaust System 8
Exhaust System 9
Exhaust System 10
Exhaust System 11
Exhaust System 12

Exhaust System

One could regard this exhaust system as a blowing music instrument, so nobly it looks. The flanges down in the center and the whole, complicated arrangement point to the Porsche 911 with its six-cylinder opposed cylinder engine. One must imagine this vehicle standing on the head. The two catalysts still straight fit under the tail apron, while the comparatively large mufflers are placed into the rear fenders behind the wheels. Beautifully formed also the three-in-one pipe for each cylinder side.