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Sport Exhaust Systems

Manufacturers promise that a sports exhaust system reduces the exhaust gas pressure with about 30 - 90 percent. This results with appropriate matching to a performance improvement of about 2-7 percent, depending on execution as the manufacturers promise in any case. With some sports exhaust systems the sound can be changed by an electrically operated or closed flap with spring tension and allows thus for every vehicle owner the individual sound. Shortly join nor the heat adapted loudspeakers in the exhaust tract. Then a programmable sound creation is possible. The only part of an exhaust externally visible is the exhaust-pipe end. This gives a particular importance to its design. The offers are accordingly varied. A second outlet sometimes only simulates a bigger number of cylinders or two cylinder banks.

Sports Exhaust Systems made from ...
Stainless steel (V2A)
Carbon or titanium

Exhaust systems from stainless steel are preferred because this material is softer what procuces a different sound. In addition, the sound can be adjusted via the silencer.
There are many sports exhaust systems, mostly with the diameter of the normal series and certificated (group N). With it a registration in the vehicle papers is not necessary. Sports exhaust systems with bigger diameter and without safety standards authority or ABE (group A) are intended mostly for the racing sport. They are partly considerably greater in the diameter (67.5 mm) and do not fulfil the valid noise standards, require even special protection of the racing driver's ears. Besides, the front silencers can carry a pipe only (dummy), so does the catalytic converter. The prices of group N equipments differ according to manufacturer, model and design between 99 and 1,500 €. Good fitting accuracy and suitable rust protection, especially in the junctions are important. One recognises a good sports exhaust also by a guarantee of mostly 36 months and ABE.